Are you guys for real?

Yes. I assure you that we are a legitimate business. We have a Washington State and City of Seattle business license, a storefront and employees.


Yes. We take the business of space travel very seriously. It's all we do.

All you do? I thought you guys were also a tutoring center or something.

Well, to be completely honest, as part of our local and interplanetary philanthropic programs, we currently contribute all proceeds to The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas, a nonprofit writing and tutoring center for the young people of Earth. The tutoring and writing center is located through our functioning atomic teleporter, so I suppose you could say that we do a bit more than provide the finest space travel supplies on this planet (or any neighboring planet).

Who created Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co.?

The Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. was conceived of and built starting in 2005, under the creative guidance of Paul Hughes, Jill Lightner, and Bethany Jean Clement. Additionally, many volunteers have dedicated countless hours of their precious time to create something literally out of this world. Kudos to them, indeed.

I am an artist and/or writer and I would love to donate my time and skills. How can I help?

First, sign up to be a volunteer at www.fearlessideas.org. We will invite you to an orientation and tell you all about The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas and the many ways you can help. Depending on your interests, skills, and availability we will contact you and arrange to get you involved.

But I don’t live in Seattle and my spaceship is broken. Can I still help?

Yes. Please email Sean at sean@fearlessideas.org. Include a resume and design samples, a portfolio, or a link to work samples.

I am a design student and am interested in interning at Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. or The BFI. Do you accept interns?

Yes. Please email Tony at tony@fearlessideas.org. Include a resume and design samples, a portfolio, or a link to work samples. All internships are unpaid and require a thirteen-week commitment, of ten to fifteen hours a week; a portion of the work can be done from home, but we require you work in-office for a minimum of six hours a week. Most local colleges will grant credit for design internships (please consult your faculty adviser) and we are happy to complete any required paperwork.

Do you have any other stores?

The Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. is the only space travel supply store on this planet. Please be sure to visit our sister store, the Europan Space Travel Supply Co. next time you are in the Jovian system.

Shipping & Returns

Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. ships to the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii and most international locations.

If you do not find your location in the shopping cart when checking out, please contact us at orders@greenwoodspacetravelsupply.com for minimum order quantity and a shipping quote.

Most orders are processed within 24 hours of receipt, Tuesday through Friday. At this time, we do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays, or Mondays. Overnight orders must be received before 2PM, PST in order to ship same-day.

Our carrier of choice is The United States Post Office. For domestic orders, we offer three options: Domestic Standard (USPS Priority - one to three days transit time), Domestic Express (USPS Express - overnight to most locations), and UPS Ground (up to seven business days, depending on location). For international orders, we offer three options: International First Class (up to three weeks transit time plus customs clearance), International Priority (six to ten business days transit time plus customs clearance), and International Express (three days transit time plus customs clearance).

The cost of shipping is calculated at checkout and is based on distance, weight, and speed. We are using a new system for calculating shipping charges. Until we have worked out all the kinks, there may be errors. We will automatically refund any shipping overcharges due to calculation errors.

Sales Tax

Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. collects sales tax on all Washington State orders. We do not charge sales tax on out-of-state sales.

Returns & Exchanges

Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. stands behind the products we sell and will happily work with you to correct any mistakes. We will accept returns or exchanges on damaged or defective merchandise, shipping errors, or clothing sizes.

Please contact us within 30 days to arrange return, replacement, or refund; unapproved returns will not be accepted. Sorry, shipping fees are not refundable.

Privacy Policy

When you order from Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co., your email address is automatically added to our store email list and you will start to receive bi-monthly emails. We will not share your information with other organizations, retail establishments, special interest groups, lobbyists, intergalactic governments, ne’er-do-wells, or smart alecs. In short, with anyone.

If you wished to be removed from the email list, please email: orders@greenwoodspacetravelsupply.com

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